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A trip abroad

We, my vife and i went to new york this spring. We had our tenth anniversary as a married couple and our children gave us this trip so that we could have a honeymoon together because we had been married for ten years. My parents and my siblings were helping too and some of our friends and my vife´s siblings. They all payed for our trip and we are så grateful to them för this event.Yes we loved the city and it was our first time in america. Nice to see were my grandfather worked many years ago in manhattan


It is hard to believe that there are some groups of elk live in the forest near our house. It is so close to the city of Stockholm but they are really here. I did believe that in the first place but almost one year ago when I was in the forest for a nice long walk in fresh snow two elk crossed the road in front of me. Neatly next to each other they followed their path and nothing could disturb them. Well that is not true because I heard from telling that elk are not as nice as ...